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150 Years of Inspiration

Inspired by Yellowstone, these artists from Wyoming, Idaho and Montana bring their unique visions to life through a variety of creative expressions.

Art Inspired by Yellowstone

Visit any of the welcome centers in Wyoming, Idaho or Montana to receive your own piece of Yellowstone inspiration.

Hailing from Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, six artists were chosen to represent their state with their unique Yellowstone creations.

Wyoming Artists

These artists from Wyoming drew inspiration from Yellowstone’s wildlife, Native American heritage and the vibrant Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest hot spring in the United States.

Robert Martinez

Paint and Pencil

Robert Martinez was born in Wyoming on the Wind River Reservation in the small city of Riverton. Much of Robert’s current work uses the historical imagery, myths and stories of the West & Arapaho Culture combined with modern themes to create images that make a statement on the issues of today.

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Ben Roth

Woodblock Print

Ben Roth was born in Cheyenne, WY and raised in Littleton, CO. The Front Range of the Rocky Mountains provided a childhood of camping and fishing, honing his eye for the evocative shapes of the natural world. Inspired by the dramatic beauty of the Tetons and the wildlife of Wyoming, Ben crafts metal works, sculptures and woodblock prints that possess both simplicity and intricacy.

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Julia Green

Digital Illustration

Julia is a whimsical illustrator from Nampa, Idaho. Her work is heavily inspired by the cartoons she consumed as a ‘90s kid as well as the illustration styles from the 1950s and 1960s. Her art is a mix of sensitivity, humor and a ton of imagination.

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Walter Gerald

Digital Illustration

Walter is a multidisciplinary designer and artist based in the mountains of Southern Idaho. His work is inspired and informed by the mythology and history of the American West. When not immersed in the next great visual storytelling adventure, he enjoys cycling, drinking wine on patios and working on bettering our world through volunteering with social justice organizations.

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Idaho Artists

Drawing inspiration from Lower Falls, the largest waterfall in Yellowstone, and Old Faithful, these artists from Idaho bring a unique perspective to their creativity.

Montana Artists

Teeming with wildlife, the work from these Montana artists takes inspiration from the Hayden and Lamar Valleys. 

April Werle

Acrylic and Mixed Media

April is the daughter of an immigrant Pinay and third-generation Montanan. She is a mixed Cebuano American artist and muralist. April creates artworks that blend contemporary western and traditional Philippine styles. She contrasts her black and white hand characters with textured, flattened environments made up of Filipino motifs and abstracted landscapes.

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Rachel Dunlap

Digital Illustration and Watercolor

 Rachel is a multidisciplinary artist who illustrates, designs and photographs. Wildly passionate about people, birds, bread, activism (and art), Rachel has been drawing since the time she could pick up a crayon.

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